Foundation for Restoration!

The Bill and Joyce Hague Foundation is pleased to announce the acquisition of the 64-acre Daugherty farm in Pickerington Ohio. This purchase protects a forest and a portion of the Sycamore Creek watershed. Restoration will involve the removal of invasive plant species and protection of endangered bat habitat. The Hague Nature Preserve will be open to the public on a limited basis during restoration. Folks interested in volunteering are welcome! Send inquires to [email protected]. The Bill and Joyce Hague Foundation recognizes our responsibility to nature through preservation and restoration of natural areas and the promotion of ethical stewardship of the land. Bill and Joyce grew up in rural West Virginia and Ohio and spent their lives building a business that manufactured water treatment equipment. In addition to their goal of providing good water to homes around the world they spent spare time hiking and learning to appreciate the need to protect nature. The Foundation hopes you will share this enduring legacy by promoting restoration and protection of green spaces wherever you may live.