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Ohio Wetlands Association works to protect, promote and restore Ohio’s wetlands through public education, sound public policy, citizen science efforts and sharing the joy of wild places. OWAlogo-500_transparent

Our educational efforts include workshops, presentations, newsletter and website. We often work in collaboration with other groups to expand our audience. We are developing ‘Wonders of Wetlands’ curriculum workshops for teachers. These will be presented with an option for Professional Development credit. Other presentation topics include wetland wildlife and ecology.

Our interest in Public Policy issues may be local, national or global in scope. Primarily, policies that effect Ohio are of the greatest interest. In coordination with National Audubon’s Mississippi Flyway Action Network, we are addressing policies that will improve wetland habitats that are essential for successful bird migration. Many critical ‘stopover’ sites are in Ohio.

State agencies that regulate the use of wetlands in Ohio are always under scrutiny. Whether it is the permitting process or enforcement of the Clean Water Act, there is always a need for an independent advocate for wetlands.

We are actively recruiting and training volunteers to be citizen scientists. The Marsh Monitoring Program is an international effort coordinated by Bird Studies Canada throughout the Great Lakes Basin. Following precise protocols we observe and report about frogs and birds. Data is then used by Environment Canada and the U.S. EPA to inform them on population trends and habitat.

Field trips to our best wetlands are always enjoyed as we encounter the plants and animals that depend on these special places. Salamanders, swans, and dragonflies are among the most popular animals. A variety of rare and/or threatened plant species can be found in our vanishing wetlands. Sharing these gems with the public not only brings joy at the discovery but hope that these special wetlands will be valued.

Ohio Wetlands Association (OWA), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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